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    Bigmarks Snow Run - There is no fooking snow in Scarborough



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    Bigmarks Snow Run - There is no fooking snow in Scarborough

    Post  bigmark68 on Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:01 pm

    My car thermostat was reading minus 6 when I moved it to get my nice new shiny and only just run in 2010 KTM 450 EXCR Sixdays out ready to set off.

    The day started with the customary bacon butties Steve (Trebble99) & Juz (Caseboy) arrived eventually (I think the pigeon sat nav was on the blink again). This turned out to be the full run list as the usual suspects had more important things to do than ride their bikes in the snow.

    Steve had been splashing his cash in the KTM hard parts catalogue again and had a nice shiny new adventure suit (very Charley Boorman) and some £500 knee braces.

    Steve and Juz got changed and looked like the orange and blue power rangers by the time we were ready to set off.

    The power rangers

    On leaving my house it became quickly obvious that the roads were lethal and the sooner we got off the tarmac the better.

    The first lane we did was the one that had shiny new gates installed on the last ride out with Niknak and he boys but this time it also had a shiny lock and chain as well. I had already reported this last week after finding it locked when I was running the bike in so after having a word with the farmer who reckoned he did not have a key I told him that I had checked the status of the lane with the TRF and local council and it was a UCR so it was illegally obstructed and I took pictures to e-mail the highways office on Monday.

    We had to turn around and ride back up the icy road and did the same steady lanes we did with Nik and the boys a few weeks ago. We stopped after about 10 minutes cos the blue and orange power rangers had cold fingers and faces.

    We took a few pictures and Juz took off his Kevin Keegan shin guards and left them in the hedge back before we set off for the proper muddy lanes in the forest.

    The bikes

    Juz (Blue power ranger) & Steve (Orange power ranger)


    Before we got there it was so cold Steve’s front brake stopped working, as the calliper had frozen solid along with mine and Juz’s camelbacks.

    I got off to have a look at Steve’s front brake and somehow we ended up in a pile on the floor as her had left the C90 in gear and the throttle got applied (by Steve) so his bike set off running me over and ripping the clasp off my Tech 3’s as it found traction on my leg. At least Steve fell on the floor and got his shiny new outfit dirty so after we stopped laughing we set off again.

    We rode the muddy lanes in the forest that we did with Nik and the boys but in the opposite direction and this allowed me to have my first proper off on the new bike. I lost the front end on the ice and bounced down the road much to the amusement of the boys but did not hurt anything and the bike survived its first proper off unscathed.

    We arrived at the off camber hill but we rode it down and once at the bottom Steve & Juz’s had a go at getting back up. Here are a few pictures of Juz getting the wrong line, which Steve found highly amusing but Juz was to get his revenge later in the day.

    Juz having a Knobby moment

    After this we set off to go to the good, the bad and the ugly but after about 20 mins riding the lethal fire roads we were all fooking freezing so decided to retrace our steps rather than freezing to death with the roadwork needed to get to Harwood Dale.

    We took a little break to try to get a drink and ended up having to take off our camel backs and drink out of the lid, as the pipes were thick with ice.

    Juz promoting the forum

    Steve decided his new £40 Gore-Tex gloves were shit and chucked them on the floor but Juz bagged em for his lad.

    Steve’s next little lie down came when we hit the main trail in the forest and he managed to nearly fall down the side of a ravine on a straight bit of trail. Luckily a tree stopped him going right down but me and Juz did laugh.

    We then got to the decent again all made it down but Steve decided to have another crack at it and this is when Juz got his own back as Steve binned it in quite spectacular fashion and fell about 20 feet down a bank.

    I helped him to get the bike picked up and he made the top OK and then rode down and back up again so as not to be beaten by the hill (respect) although on his trip back down he did a donut at the bottom and binned it again (donut).

    After this we set off back for home taking in a couple of lanes on the way and made it back in one piece although the mud and snow was frozen solid on the bikes.

    Mrs Bigmark had done us proud again with Cornish pasties from the local baker, tea and jam donuts (Steve finally got a donut that did not involve him falling off).

    All in all a mint day and even though we never went more than about 7 miles from my house we had a right laugh and all made it home un-injured although we all had a few little lie downs along the way.

    The lanes are so much more fun when they are covered in snow and ice but the fire roads and tarmac roads are fooking lethal.

    Thanks to Steve & Juz for a top day out and to those of you who could not make it you missed a proper mint day at Bigmark’s in the snow.

    Till the next time.


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