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    Another Snowy/Icy/Muddy Day with Bigmark Part



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    Another Snowy/Icy/Muddy Day with Bigmark Part

    Post  bigmark68 on Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:05 am

    Not quite as cold (-1) as I moved my car & van to make space for the boys to arrive although my street was just like an ice rink with hard packed down snow and then black ice on the bits that had cleared last night when it rained. Shocked

    The day started as always with bacon butties and steaming hot mugs of tea. Steve (Trebble99) & Juz (Caseboy) arrived first (I think Steve must have had the pigeon sat nav re-programmed over Christmas as he was on time and did not drive to my house via Blackpool Rolling Eyes ). I was expecting another 5 riders and was hoping that this would not turn out to be the full run list like last week when the usual suspects had more important things to do than ride their bikes in the snow. I was not to be disappointed this week as shortly afterwards Andrew (Brompton) & Joel (JMA46) arrived in the trusty transit with stories of rescuing damsels in distress on the way here. I have only ridden with Joel a couple of time but he is a top bloke and was with me on my first ride with Brompton last year see here: http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=25833&highlight=+the+tough+ones so it was good to see him again.

    Shortly afterwards Nik (Niknak) and his mate Steve who I called Stevie all day so as not to mix him up with Steve (Trebble99) arrived so this only left Brokenlegs on the missing list but after trying to ring him we agreed he was probably still tucked up nice and warm in his bed. Rolling Eyes

    The boys got changed in my garage (Steve had decided not to wear the orange power ranger suit and was decked out head to toe in camo gear) whilst I sorted the butties and brews and we go set off just after 9. I think getting off my street onto the main roads was the funniest thing I have seen for a while with 7 guys on KTM enduro bikes adopting various feet down techniques to try not to be the first one to bin it on the sheet ice.

    When we managed to get to the main road I elected to take the nearest lane through a local farm rather than trying to get up some of the side roads and this worked ok but the first mile of the lane was like sheet ice and the gullies and gutters was the place to ride. Once we got towards the farm we could ride in the open field verges bordering the road, which gave us some welcome grip although Nik did manage to bin it after a front brake malfunction (first off of the day to the big lad Twisted Evil ).

    Luckily this lane gets you into the forest and although the fire roads were lethal the gullies held plenty of grip and a few surprises if you are not careful.

    We rode the muddy lanes in the forest that we did last week and once we arrived at the off camber hill we rode it down and once at the bottom Stevie & Steve had a go at getting back up. Here are a few pictures.

    L to R Steve, Juz, Nik & Stevie

    L to R Steve, Nik, Juz, Andrew, Stevie & Joel




    Both of them made it although I must say that Steve redeemed himself after his piss poor efforts last week buy riding the more difficult higher right hand line all the way to the top and then back down again in one go. Respect mate I think it was the orange power ranger suit that was putting you off last week. Rolling Eyes

    After this we set off to go to the good, the bad and the ugly but this week I took the boys via the lane up from Keepers Cottage to avoid freezing on the road sections to link the lanes up. This is a top lane and was completed without any real problems although the hardest part was riding through the deep puddles that contained 2-inch thick chunks of ice, which made things very interesting. Shocked

    We took a little break to get a drink (at least my camel back had not frozen up this week) in the field at Backlay’s Farm and as Nik was closing the gate and I asked Stevie & Joel what they thought of it so far and the big smiles said it all. Very Happy

    A little roadwork then onto the fire road from Broxa, which brought us to the decent down to Harwood Dale and a few nice little lanes before we started on the Good, Bad and Ugly lanes in reverse order.

    Nik’s bike had developed a misfire which was diagnosed by Professor Juz as a blocked sparkplug drain hole and was likely caused by poor bike maintenance which caused Nik’s face to go all funny and I thought he was going to rip Juz’s head off and use fragments of his smashed skull to unblock the hole Shocked but instead we got my snap on tool chest out of my backpack and started trying to fix the problem Rolling Eyes

    Nik reckoned the problem was that he had sold his large clear tank to one of his customers who needed one ASAP and now he was running a smaller 6 litre tank the plug hole was more exposed which was probably right but I engaged in some piss taking about poor maintenance as well as it would be rude not too and the big lad eventually saw the funny side and gave us a little smile. Very Happy

    On the move again and we took the side route into “The Ugly” and Steve decided to ride the same line as everyone else this week so we made good progress.

    L to R Andrew, Stevie & Joel on the Ugly

    Stevie & Joel on the Ugly

    The pile of logs that had been thoughtfully placed across the lane on our previous visit was gone and the forestry vehicles had left a nice defined track for us to follow which took us onto the main part of the lane.

    This is where Steve reverted back to his poor line selection and as I was shouting encouragement (abuse) Joel managed to roost me in the face causing me to be spitting out mud for the next 5 minutes Evil or Very Mad (that will teach me to take the piss out of Steve). After some rarving and chewing by Steve & Joel he got going again and we regrouped just before entering the deep muddy water filled uphill section.

    We took another little break here for some of the boys to top up various snacks, drinks and potions and then made a quick and uneventful run to the top. At the top of the lane we stopped for the obligatory piss taking before setting off again.

    We did “The Bad” without any real problems although it was particularly deep with mud water and snow in places and I managed to accidentally roost Joel demonstrating my new found bog crossing techniques to Joel (The last time Joel was near the proper muddy stuff with me the conversation was something like this is this Dunn Boggs, no, are we there yet, no, Fooking hell please ride my bike Joel, ok, my legs have stopped working, you big girl. Embarassed

    At the end of the lane we agreed it was time for fuel and food and headed into Burniston to find the petrol station shut. This is the point in the day when everything started to go tits up and with hindsight we should have gone home but we did not.

    We set off into Scarborough to the petrol station on Scalby road hoping this would be open although about half was along the road Nik’s bike caught fire Shocked much to the amusement of Andrew who did eventually catch the big lad up and tell him to pull over and put it out.

    It turned out to be a breather hose that had touched the hot exhaust and caught fire so when we got to the petrol station, which was open, some more piss taking and emergency roadside repairs commenced. Shocked Very Happy

    Steve & Juz

    L to R Andrew, Nik & Stevie


    After using the airline, a tie wrap and some WD40 out of my Tardis like back pack Nik’s bike was sorted and as Andrew had completed a rear brake fluid change during lunch which had restored his rear brake to full working order we were ready to go again.Wink

    The initial plan was to ride back to mine but as the bikes were all working again we set off for some more lanes, this was a big mistake. :eek:

    On the first lane near Burniston, Nik had an off which I did not see it but as I waited at the gate I could hear the horns beeping indicating some unfortunate soul had fallen off and the other riders (likely to be Steve & Juz) were encouraging him to get a fooking move on. Embarassed

    We then headed to Washbeck ford and the plan was to ride the lane up to the main road which we all did but t I was starting to get tired :redface: and was missing my Mitas CO2 rear tyre as I was struggling for traction on the wet grass in the top field. Rolling Eyes

    At the top gate the Rekluse fan club boys (Steve, Nik & Andrew) reckoned I needed a rekluse as they had just floated up the hill like three hairy arsed angels and Steve reckoned that I could join his club as Knighter reckoned Rekluse’s were for girls and crap riders so he qualified on both accounts. Rolling Eyes

    We set off to ride down “The Good” and made it through the trickier section onto the fire road where we encountered several gentlemen with shotguns chasing after Woodcock’s. After a brief chat we set off again to find a tree across the lane but we managed to ride under the fallen branches and as we emerged onto the other side Andrew managed to roost me in the face before him and Nik blasted off into the distance.

    This is where it all went horribly wrong for me as somehow I managed to bin the bike and all I remember is my chest hurting like fook and then it all went dark. Shocked Embarassed

    Turns out I had binned the bike and hit my chest hard and then my head as I went down and in the words of Prince Nassim Hammed had knocked my self “Spark Out”.

    I’m sure the boys will fill you in on the details but the first thing I remember is Juz prodding me asking if I was dead and when I opened my eyes there was a woman, a bloke, two kids and Juz all stood looking at this dazed and confused fat bloke that they had just found laid out in the forest. Evil or Very Mad

    Steve reckoned it was a good job the family were there as Juz had been known to have a little go on unconscious road kill so I was very lucky not to have been bummed whilst I was out cold Shocked (But seriously thanks for coming back for me Juz where was Pigeon? Man down, Man down) Very Happy

    After having a spell to stop seeing stars confused and a have a drink and then trying to explain what had happened to the other boys I got back on the bike and rode to the end of the lane. It must have looked bad as hardly any piss taking was going on apart from Steve asking me what I had lost as I was bent over holding my aching chest with my head down when he arrived on the scene and although initially I got off fairly lightly on the piss taking front I am sure there is plenty to come. Embarassed

    By this point it was getting dark and Nik’s bike was still playing up a bit so we headed for home on the roads which was about 6 miles but by the time we got back to my house we were all cold and very happy to be back although my street was still like and ice rink and nearly claimed the last few off’s of the day. Shocked

    Mrs Bigmark had done us proud again with steak pies from Morrisons as the local butcher was closed, and Jam donuts for Steve. I had to make the brews as the wife and bairn had gone to the pantomime so when she got home a muddy handprints and nice muddy floor was waiting for her. Evil or Very Mad

    By the time the tea was ready and the pies had been warmed up the boys were just about changed and had started to warm up again and the piss taking about my little lie down began…..

    All in all a top day again although we should have probably called it quits at the fuel stop at lunchtime we still had a right laugh, managed to carry out some road side bike maintenance, Juz got to practice dealing with a man down on the trail and we all made it home in one piece even me (although I ache like fook and had the mother of all headaches last night and went to bed at 8.30pm and woke up this morning feeling like I have the worst hangover ever).

    Thanks to Nick, Stevie Andrew, Joel, Steve & Juz for a top day out and in the words of our good friend Lee ( KTMBrock) you missed “the best days riding ever up until lunchtime then it all went tits up” Shocked Shocked Shocked Very Happy

    Till the next time.

    Bigmark Very Happy

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