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    Post  Admin on Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:47 am


    Last year, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority wasted thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on an attempt to ban motor vehicles from Gorbeck Road, a well-established right of way in the national park.
    Groups representing vehicle users took YDNPA to court, and got the illegal Traffic Regulation Order overthrown. Substantial costs were awarded against YDNPA: costs which the taxpayer will be forced to meet.
    Not content with this, YDNPA is now trying again to impose another Traffic Regulation Order on Gorbeck, and has produced a report containing several spurious justifications for it.
    Among these are:
    · That the route passes through a Site of Special Scientific Interest. But Natural England, the body charged with protecting the SSSI points out that it is segregated from vehicles by a wall that separates the site from the road. No mention is made by YDNPA of the threat posed to ground-nesting birds by walker’s dogs, and there is no suggestion of banning them from the route.
    · That the route is through a ‘natural’ landscape. But the presence beside it of old spoil heaps from mining (which the YDNPA says motor vehicles might damage) indicates that this landscape is far from natural. In fact it might more accurately be described as ‘post-industrial’.
    · That the TRO will benefit the environment. But traffic surveys carried out by YDNPA indicate that the majority of the vehicular traffic on the route is agricultural, and outside the scope of the TRO. So, it is difficult to see what benefit the TRO might have.
    · That walkers do not wish to encounter motor vehicles. The report admits that there are plenty of footpaths and bridleways in the vicinity of Gorbeck Road. This removes one of the justifications for the TRO as walkers who do not wish to encounter recreational vehicles can use these alternative routes instead.
    · That minor ruts on the surface of Gorbeck Road are out of keeping with the appearance of the area. This ignores the road’s history and heritage, which vehicular user groups are keen to preserve.
    · That a TRO on Gorbeck Road will help preserve the tranquillity of the area. Tranquillity is at best a nebulous quality, and it is doubtful how much of it there has ever been to be found on Gorbeck Road, which has been used by vehicles for the last 500 years, and motor vehicles for the last century. On the nearby “ramblers’ honeypot” of the Three Peaks, the YDNPA spends 25 per cent of its total annual Rights of Way budget on maintaining one artificially-surfaced footpath: a task which apparently necessitates between 200 and 300 low-level helicopter flights a year to airlift materials onto site, such is the damage caused by walkers. Yet, there is no suggestion from YDNPA that their numbers should be restricted in any way, even though the environmental impact of their activities far exceeds that of the vehicular use of Gorbeck Road.

    Taxpayers who wish to protest about their money being wasted in this way should contact: mark.allum@yorkshiredales.org.uk before 28 February, and register their objections.

    Editors’ contact: Richard Simpson 07812 402021


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    Mr Allum's reply.

    Post  Admin on Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:20 am

    Proposed management of Gorbeck Road

    At present the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is undertaking a consultation under Regulation 4 of the National Park Authorities’ Orders (Procedure) (England) Regulations 2007. This is a consultation with statutory consultees because we are minded to make some form of traffic regulation order on Gorbeck Road. The statutory consultees include Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA), the Auto Cycle Union and the Byways and Bridleways Trust.

    After this stage a report will be taken to Access Committee presenting the findings of the consultation, which will be considered alongside the route assessment report in coming to a decision on whether to pursue a traffic regulation order, and if so what form it should take. The next meeting is scheduled for 8 April 2010. If it is decided to pursue a traffic regulation order then a full public consultation will be undertaken as specified under Regulation 5 of the National Park Authorities’ Orders (Procedure) (England) Regulations 2007.

    I will ensure that details of your objection are kept on file, and will contact you if a public consultation is undertaken. I will include your objection as part of any public consultation, but you may wish to make additional points at that stage when any detail is known.

    There is further information about the process of considering any traffic regulation order on our website at http://www.yorkshiredales.org.uk/tro_process.

    Yours sincerely

    Mark Allum

    Access Officer Projects

    Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority



    North Yorkshire BD23 5LB

    Tel. 0300 456 0030


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