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    Number Plate Size & the law


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    Number Plate Size & the law

    Post  rikidooos on Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:22 pm

    Take a look at section 4 in this document: http://www.writetoride.co.uk/acpomotorc ... gy2006.pdf

    Association of Chief Police Officer of England,
    Wales & Northern Ireland
    Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy
    England, Wales & Northern Ireland

    "Registration plates, the test to be applied, if not easily legible
    from 20.5 metres, prosecution and inform DVLA.
    Whilst accepting that this is a technical offence, there are
    concerns regarding the misuse of registration plates on
    It is well recognised that there are many technological advances
    in automated detection and enforcement equipment, most of
    which rely upon remote reading of registration plates.
    It is difficult for enforcement agencies to differentiate between
    the individual who wishes to make a fashion statement or
    enhance the appearance of their machine from one who is
    deliberately attempting to avoid detection for criminal purposes.
    ACPO Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy for England, Wales & Northern Ireland – 16 June 2006


    It is with this rationale that it has been decided not to focus on
    the technicalities of the size of the plate or font size to comply
    with current legislation, but to apply a simple test of legibility,
    based upon the standard eyesight test for riders and drivers."

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