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    Bigmark’s Dales Run with Rich Dodds & the boys.



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    Bigmark’s Dales Run with Rich Dodds & the boys.

    Post  bigmark68 on Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:56 pm

    Well after about 3 months of doing the same run round Scarborough and being up to me knackers in mud and crap most of the time (much to the amusement or annoyance of some fellow TRF members depending on which side of the ride in mud don’t ride in mud fence you sit on Rolling Eyes ) I finally got out for a run somewhere a bit different.

    Although I have known Richard Dodds for over a year now I have never actually managed to get out on a ride with him so we finally arranged to go for a steady run in the Dales with him and a few mates. The original plan was for my normal riding mates Steve and Juz to go with me but Steve had a better offer (a week in Tenerife) and Juz could not get out of bed early enough to make the 3 hour trip to the meet point at Scotch Corner. Evil or Very Mad

    My other riding mate Andrew from the Teesside & North York’s TRF (KTM 400) was on the run list as well and due to Steve & Juz dropping out I got my mate Mag from East York’s TRF (KTM 400) an invite to the party.

    We met up with Rich (KTM 300) near Scotch Corner and he had three of his mates with him Calvin (KTM 400) Paul (KTM 125) Dave AKA " The Nelster" (KTM 200) after a quick introduction we were of on my first proper trip to the Dales. Andrew and Mag had done quite a few of the Dales routes before but I had only been once on a sunny summer evening last year but we only did about a 3 hour loop so was looking forward to a full days riding.

    Rich promised me a full steady days riding with lots of photo opportunities and a tour of the Dales finest tearooms but he clearly has a sense of humour the lad as I never saw a teashop or scone all day. Very Happy

    Some of this is probably in the wrong order as I was trying to concentrate on staying on my bike and not embarrass myself too much so I have probably missed some stuff off but these are the bits I can remember.

    As the area is new to me I do not know a lot of the lane names but they were all good to ride and a welcome change to the good/bad/ugly.

    Within the first few lanes it was clear that Rich and his mates were used to riding together and they were all pretty competent (quick) on the bikes and the boys on the 2 smokes could really make their bikes sing a sound we got used to as the day progressed. After a fairly uneventful first few steady lanes we found the snow and Rich managed to have the first big off of the day well I say the first, I think it was the first because the other boys were always too far in front for me to see if they had a little lie down and if they did they were up too quick to get a glimpse of. Anyway Rich and the other boys took a high line on some snow which looked solid and was pretty deep the other boys dropped back onto the trail but Rich’s front wheel dropped through the snow cover and the bike stopped dead sending him flying superman style over the bars he did a full rotation in the air and I was just about to get my 6.0 score card out of my rucksack when in realised that his bike had not stopped but was actually doing a full forward summersault itself. Luckily the bike missed Rich (only just) and me and Mag were surprised that Rich was not badly injured, as it was a definite £250 you’ve been framed moment. Luckily there was no serious damage to him or the bike although he had but a bit of a mark on his shiny new Airoh helmet so after a bit of handguard and lever readjusting we were off heading down away from the snow again. Once we met up at the next gate some piss taking commenced about Rich’s superman impression and we were off to the next lane.

    The boy's

    Rich's Bike & the view

    There was a good mix of single track open moorland rocky climbs and descents which were made even more interesting with either ice/frost/snow or all three and a few water crossing thrown in for good measure to keep your feet wet and cold for the rest of the day.

    The rest of the trails before we arrived at the petrol station for fuel and tins of red bull and chocolate were good riding but fairly uneventful although Calvin failed to negotiate a bend when his foot slipped off the rear brake and I just caught sight of him rolling across the grass but by the time Mag & I had stopped he had jumped up like a kid who had fallen over in the play ground and thought no one had seen him. He was fine and was back on the bike and off towards the petrol station before I could get the camera out so Mag and me just looked at each other and smiled and set off again. Laughing

    At the petrol station a bit more piss taking and general good-natured banter was had by all and we set off again full of fuel and toped up on redbull and sweets. The first lane almost had me on me arse as I did not spot the sheet ice as I was braking and just managed to regain control before the back end decided to swap position with the front I am not sure who was behind me but I bet they thought I was a lucky bugger but not as much as I did I am sure. Embarassed

    At the first of the water crossing the boys told me of the last time they had a new bloke with them on a KTM 525 and how they laughed when he binned it on the slippy rocky bottom so it was with some relief when we all made it across with only wet feet. Mag was disappointed, as he likes to watch me thrashing about in the water it brings back memories of my little swim in the crossing at Glaisdale last year but that is another story. We did a few more water crossing during the day and everyone managed to stay above the water which when you are riding with me is a result. Wink

    We started to find the snow again which made things interesting as some times you could just ride over it but then others the bike would just drop through it which I had taken up my natural position at the back of the group by now and this made things good and bad in equal measures good in that you could see where the others had ridden and follow their line but bad in that as I was carrying about 5 stone more than everyone else (its all the bacon sarnies and pies when we ride from my house) I some times managed to fall down holes that they did not. Embarassed

    Anyway we reached a place that I remembered from my only other visit to the dales “Deadmans Hill” a name to strike fear into a crap fat bloke from Scarborough if ever I heard one. affraid The hill was washed out and rutted and in some places still thick with snow so line selection was the name of the game. Dave picked what looked like the obvious line and made it up in one go although he made it look easy and it was clearly not as his 200 skipped over the steps and ruts. The prospect of following him seemed to be less appealing and I decided to follow one of the other lads to see if local knowledge would help and it did as Calvin picked a line that looked rideable and rode straight up a relatively easy line Mag followed and also made it look easy so I followed and although not as stylish as them made it up in one piece. Rich decided to have a go a different line and although it was full of snow he made it up ok. We now had a good view of Andrew & Paul’s attempts to follow Dave’s line both got so far before Andrew just about flipped the 400 and Paul got stuck and did a bit of rock grinding. After picking themselves up the had a change of mind and decided to try the line that rich had used Andrew made it up with a bit of help from Dave and then Paul had a bloody good go before just about boiling his head and the bike after a few words of advice from Dave and a bit of pushing/pulling by Dave & Mag he was up. Twisted Evil

    I managed to get a few pictures at this point as shown below:

    It was at this point hat Dave told me that Paul used to be a fatty like me had lost about 4 stone which I could understand if he goes out riding with Dave every weekend as he is a mentalist and a proper quick rider so Paul must have shed a few pounds every ride trying to keep up with him. affraid

    After a few minutes to let things cool down we were on the move again up higher towards more snow.

    We did another couple of trails and at the top of one Andrew seemed to have developed a craving for mars bars although no one had any so I gave him half a packet of wine gums to keep him going.

    Later on we started to get to gates that would only open a small amount due to the snow and this made getting through a challenge in its self. At one particular gate Dave skipped the 200 through like a BMX but the next man through had more of a chew on to get up the 2 ½ foot ice bank at the other side which was good to watch but I was not looking forward to my turn. I left the bike on the stand and went to have a look and whilst the other boys were chewing on with the next bike I lifted the gate clean of its hinges. Afterwards Mag told me he was well chuffed when I did this as he was not looking forward to his turn at getting through the gate so at least I did something right for a change. Once everyone was through me & Paul put the gate back on in a chuckle brothers style (to me, to you, no to me) and Dave tried to tie wrap his back tyre on as it was spinning in the rim a bit. I did not hold out much hope of them staying on long as the speed his back wheel turns I expected them to be off in no time which proved to be right as the next time I got close enough to him to see his back wheel it was tie wrap free.

    Andrew and Mag seemed to have developed a strange aversion to the snow by now and were both finding new ways to have a closer look at it by chucking themselves and the bikes at it which from my position at the rear of the group was good to watch although we did have a few moments rarving and chewing recovering them from deep holes where the wheels had dropped through.

    Dave picked a line across a snow bound trail towards the location of the gate which we could not see but as Rich followed I figured it must be OK. Once again Dave made it look easy as the 200 skipped across singing like a whaling banshee with Dave in full attack mode. I have never seen anyone ride a two stroke like him and it was a real education to watch him attack the snow and just skip across like he had wings (maybe that’s what all the red bull was for). Rich made it so far before dropping through and Paul set off as well so I decided that I would give it a go and I got about 20 yards and realised that this was a big mistake and managed to make it back towards the stone wall and the solid snow. Calvin had gone back to help Mag & Andrew get the bikes out of a snow drift and when they reached us Calvin set off across the line Dave, Paul & Rich had used whilst me and Andrew decide to follow the wall round in the snow. This actually proved to be a result for us as although tricky was much easier than the alternative. We arrived at the point where Calvin, Paul & Dave were relaxing as Rich started to make progress towards us although Mag was having a struggle. Dave took Paul’s 125 as the tyre was more likely to stay on the rim and helped Mag get his bike back on to the snow near the stone wall and then they both rode round to meet us. I managed to get a few pictures of Mag at this point and he was not looking his best (sorry mate).

    Red Mag

    Dead Mag

    Gay Mag "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"


    Paul, Calvin & Andrew

    Dave coming back from his Mag rescue mission cheers

    Once we had all got out breaths back (well Me, Mag & Andrew) Embarassed we set off again towards fuel before retracing our way back towards the vans.

    At the fuel stop Rich had a goggle malfunction which was soon fixed by Dave with tie wraps (it’s amazing what Dave can fix with tie wraps) so after a bit more banter we were off again but this time I had two cans of red bull to see if it would make me fly like Dave. I also bought an extra chocolate bar in case Andrew got the munchies and the ride back to the vans. Rolling Eyes

    A few more snowy trails and we were starting to pick up some of the lanes we had ridden in the morning and we made it back to the vans around 5pm. After a quick thank you to the boys they left us to get changed and head for home in the vans.

    All in all it was a top day out in good company on some great trails and a big thanks must go to Rich for setting the ride up and leading us round all day also thanks to Dave, Paul & Calvin for helping us out and waiting for us when we needed it. I hope we did not slow you down too much but having seen how you boys can ride I am pretty sure that we did.

    It always amazes me how you can meet up with almost total strangers at 9.30 on a morning and ride with them all day and by the end of it you have shared a top day out on the bikes with plenty of good laughs along the way.

    If you ever fancy a muddy day at Bigmark’s give me a shout boys as you are very welcome and I will order in the bread buns and pies for the steak pie sandwiches you like. Wink

    Thanks also to Andrew & Mag for their company and help during the day and I hope that we can do this ride again once the snow has gone and at least we might be able to keep up a bit better next time. Well probably not and definitely not with Dave but we can live in hope. Embarassed

    In the words of our good friend Lee “Juz & Steve you mist the best days trail riding ever although even blue smartie boy Juz would have struggled to keep up with the Dave, Rich, Calvin & Paul”.

    Till the next time.


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