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    EYTRF Muddy Day with Bigmark & the boys



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    EYTRF Muddy Day with Bigmark & the boys

    Post  bigmark68 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:34 pm

    I took a few of our colleagues from the East Yorkshire TRF out on Saturday and we had an eventfull day which I thought I would share with you as it might make a few of you smile.

    Enjoy Rolling Eyes Very Happy

    Some forum responses and more pictures can be found on the National TRF forum here: http://www.trf.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1803&start=0

    Not very cold today in fact it was a positively tropical 6 degrees although it had rained non-stop all day on Friday causing a lot of problems and localised flooding around Scarborough. Unlike the Nuggate run my ride was still on as planned, as we are proper tough trail riders up here and not scared by a bit of rain and mud (to quote my mate Mag “its not fooking croquet or tennis”).

    Steve & Juz arrived at my house for a brew and a bacon buttie before we set of to meet the rest of the boys at the pre-arranged meeting point.

    Due to bad weather on recent rides (snow/ice making the ride down to it lethal and it taking us in the wrong direction) I had not ridden the local lane that has been regularly obstructed by the farmer locking the shiny new gates. This morning I decided I would check it out and surprise surprise it was locked. I have been in regular contact with the local highways inspector about this and I will be sending him another strongly worded e-mail with pictures telling him that this lane is once again illegally obstructed. Evil or Very Mad

    We turned around a rode back to the main road and picked a nice little uphill UCR that climbs gradually out of a village towards the forest which is usually an easy ride but it was very slippy today and gave us a taste of what was to come during the day (mud, mud and more mud).

    A couple of fire roads brought us to the car park where we were meeting the rest of the boys and when we arrived the 4 of them were busy getting there bikes ready to set off. After exchanging pleasantries and borrowing a pump to put some air in Juz’s back tyre (poor bike maintenance) we were ready to set off.

    A few pictures:

    The full run list now included Neil (EYTRF ROW Officer – Husky 250) I had met Neil on numerous occasions but not really ridden with him before except for when we marshalled at the TGOR H&H at Driffield, Richard (Frogeye KTM 450 RFS ) who has ridden with Me, Steve and Juz a few times and although each time he swears we are trying to kill him and he is going to take up a more sedate hobby like croquet he keeps coming back for more, Julian (DRZ 400) & Ian (KTM 250 RFS) who I had met at meetings but not ridden with so they asked that we were gentle with them. Rolling Eyes

    Here are a few pictures.

    We set off to ride back across the fire road and into the first UCR in the forest, which was unsurprisingly very very wet. At the end of the fire road about ½ mile form the start we were 2 riders down already. I rode back to find Juz and Ian trying to start Ian’s bike which seemed to have developed an aversion to water (not a good start on the day after the wettest day around Scarborough for months) it turned out this is a recurring problem that Ian thought was fixed but the wet North Yorkshire Forests soon demonstrated he still had a problem. After draining the carb the bike started and Me & Juz reckoned it was either a plug cap or more likely the need to re-route two of his card breathers into the air box so that it kept running when he rode in to water and then we gave him a hard time about poor bike maintenance which Juz thought was hilarious as it is usually him and Steve that cop for it.

    We picked up the rest of the boys and set off towards the first proper lane of the day.

    This lane climbs up through he forest and is always wet even in the summer all the boys managed to make it through with some rarving and chewing and Steve had his first off when he misjudged a small mole hill and fell down a bank. He thought no one had seen him and swore that his handle bars did not touch the ground even though the right had side one had a big clump of mud/grass on it. I saw it but was not quick enough with the camera.

    Ian’s bike was still playing up but we managed to clear the lane after about ½ hour emerging from the forest UCR back near the vans. Ian was not sure whether to call it a day now but as the next lane was very close he decided to give it a go.

    So we set off to go to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly via the lane up from Keepers Cottage as it was the closet lane. This lane and was completed about half way without any real problems although Frogeye could not resist having a little lay down in one of the large puddles (frog by name frog by nature) and once he had had a little rest on a lily pad we were good to go again.

    About half way along the lane Ian’s bike packed in again and I left the others to ride back to him and Steve to see what was happening. After flattening the battery it was not looking good so I took a go at kicking it over (the bike not Ian) and the bike fired. Ian had travelled with Julian in the van from Hull but Julian wanted to continue the ride so Ian was going to ride back to Hull on the roads so I decided it would be better to ride back the way we came and get him to the main road and point him in the direction of Hull before rejoining the boys later on the trail. Steve was despatched to catch the others up and let them know what was happening and we arranged to meet at the top of Reasty.

    After leaving Ian near the petrol station in East Ayton with his bike running OK as long as he stayed out of the water I rode some local back roads to meet the boys at the top of Reasty as planned.

    The ride down was quite interesting as it was running with water and more like riding down a streambed but everyone made the bottom without any real problems. We did a couple of gentle grassy lanes that were ready to catch you put if out gave it a bit too much right hand and emerged into the village of Harwood Dale.

    Frogeye elected to take the easier route into “The Ugly” so the rest of us took the side route into “The Ugly” and we made good progress until we reached the main part of the lane when Julian had a couple of off’s in the deep rutted puddles. Juz & me helped him out and we set off up the lane to find Frogeye had learnt some poor line selection skills from Steve and had ridden into the deepest boggiest rut and got stuck fast. We all rode past and then a few went back to help him with Juz taking control of the bike and throttle (a mistake I had made in the past) and roosted Julian who had assumed a position behind the bike as he got the bike moving and rode it to firmer ground. Shocked Very Happy

    At the top of the lane we stopped for the obligatory piss taking before setting off again.

    We did “The Bad” without any real problems although it was particularly deep with muddy water and a few off the boys got stuck crossing a particularly boggy section which was normally easily rideable but a tree root had become exposed under the surface waiting to catch out the unsuspecting. At the end of the lane I almost went over the bars dropping into the big puddle to find a log or tree root, which stopped the front wheel immediately but fortunately, I was not going fast enough to go do a superman impression although all the boys did find it amusing.

    At the end of the lane we agreed that we would ride up “The Good” and then down Washbeck Ford before doing a couple of easy lanes to get to fuel and food in Burniston. Frogeye elected to go straight to the petrol station (Steve reckoned it was because he was wishing he was on “The Nuggate Run” not riding with the big boys) so we set to pick up the next lane.

    We set off up “The Good” and made it through the first section onto the fire road but the tree across the lane was much harder to get under from this direction but we managed to ride under the fallen branches with a bit of assistance from each other.

    Onto the boggy section and everyone made it across except for Steve who reverted to his poor line selection got the bike bogged but me & Juz managed to get it moving again and Juz rode the bike out as Steve reckoned he had hurt his back.

    We then headed to Washbeck Ford and rode down from the top gate across the field and down to the ford and up the other side. We rode around the side of the meadow following the vehicle tracks and then across the stream up towards the boggy section. Steve was leading at this point as I had a little lie down in one of the ruts at the top of the climb up form the stream and surprisingly he elected to miss out the rather large hole that he usually kills his bike in and followed the tracks of previous users who had gone to the right and ridden slightly into the forest to miss this large water filled bike killer. Unfortunately Julian was a bit further behind after having his own little lie down and despite us all shouting and gesturing for him to turn right he rode straight into the bike swallowing pit.

    A few pictures:

    Steve Supervising Rolling Eyes

    The pictures clearly show that this particular UCR is not in great condition and demonstrates one of the unwanted legacies of the NERC act which has left us with a dwindling number of legal lanes that are subsequently used by all types of user including trail riders/walkers/horseriders/4x4's/farm/forestry/agricultural traffic and then neglected by the local authorities (who after all have a legal responsibility to maintain them to the benefit of all classes of users) until such a point as they then claim that they have been damaged beyond repair and then TRO them to vehicles as clearly it was us and the 4x4 boys that caused all the problems in the first place and the rambliars who clearly don’t have enough accessible rights of way already get some more routes that no longer hold vehicular rights. Rolling Eyes

    I do not expect that everyone will agree with my point of view on this but surely even the most pompous anti trail riding opponents could not suggest that the lane in my pictures was left with such a large water filled hole right across it solely by motorcycle traffic or maybe I am just being naive. Rolling Eyes Very Happy

    Anyway back to the ride report as I think I just had a funny turn and went a bit political on you (normal service is resumed). Very Happy

    After taking the piss and a few pictures it was time to try to extricate the bike and after trying to go backwards with no success I put the camera away and jumped in to help. Unfortunately for me I landed up to my bollocks in cold smelly water, which was fine until Neil decided to practice his police, brutality moves on me and pushed me over into the bog. The boys all found this hilarious although I was now stuck and unable to get up as my foot was wedged under a root and I could not get my left leg free leaving me laid out submerged in the stinking bog. Evil or Very Mad Rolling Eyes Very Happy

    After they all stopped laughing (about 20 minutes later) Neil decided to help get my foot free so I could stand up and I promptly fell over again and did my first impression of the alternative Olympic bog swimming championships.

    After pissing themselves again for another 20 minutes we started to get the bike out and the only way was to go forward with me and Neil in the water with the bike him using the throttle to try to get some momentum and me pushing and pulling from the rear and Juz and Julian pulling on a strap round the front wheel whilst Steve shouted instructions cos he had hurt his back.

    We eventually got the bike out but to add insult to injury Neil roosted me, as the bike finally broke free from the bog and lurched up onto firmer ground. There are some pictures and video of the aftermath of this, which I am sure, will no doubt emerge in due course.

    I was so fooking wet and covered in crap that I decided that the best plan was to take another swim in the clean clear water that was running down the drainage ditch at the edge of the trail so I did much to the amusement of the other boys. This managed to wash a lot of the crap off as I knew that our next stop after a couple of steady trails was the petrol station in Burniston and the nice lady behind the counter dreads our arrival on a weekend and has an emergency mop and bucket behind the counter for when we arrive.

    We reached the petrol station and Frogeye was waiting for us so we refuelled the bikes and us and then set off for home via a couple of steady trails to the climb back up Reasty. Steve Frogeye and Julian rode round but me Juz & Neil had a crack at it. Neil and Juz made it up fine put I picked a bad line and failed to get the back wheel over some tree roots although I managed to loft the front one no problem and ended up hitting the tree that the roots belonged too.

    Juz came back to rescue me (cheers mate) and we regrouped at the top were Steve took the piss and said he was renaming Reasty “Big Hill” as it had beat me. I was that wet cold and pissed off that I let it go but I could have quite easily killed him and buried him in one of the ruts and it would have then been renamed “Boot Hill” cos that is where all the gobby, macho, dead cowboys are buried. Very Happy

    We rode across Broxa and down to Wrench Green where we attracted the attention of the local plod who were looking for illegal riding after some one had complained. We were stopped at the gate and only Steve and me were still there as the rest had left us to it thanks boys. Rolling Eyes

    He was not very sure of his facts and once I pointed out that we were legal riders on a legal UCR he retreated to his vehicle to check me out. After a few minutes he told me he would get a local rural officer to contact me in due course as he was a beat bobby from one the local estates and clearly did not know what was legal and what was not although his initial comment was you are not supposed to be riding on this land which was quite funny as we were stopped on a surfaced road and had not actually entered onto the legal UCR.

    We caught up with the boys and thanked them for leaving us to deal with the old bill on our own I was even more pissed off by now and just wanted to get home and get warm and dry so we finished the trail and did a couple more before arriving back at the vans about at about 4pm

    After leaving Neil, Frog, and Julian at the van’s me Steve and Juz rode back to mine where Mrs Bigmark had done us proud again with steak pies from Morrisons and Jam donuts. We all got changed and sorted and the boys left for home whilst I set about cleaning the crap off my bike my gear and myself before being allowed in the house to get ready to go out to a 40th Birthday party.

    All in all a top day again although I could have done without the bog swimming and dealing with the old bill we still had a right laugh, managed to carry out some more road side bike maintenance, I got to practice dealing with the local constabulary and we all made it home in one piece although I was cold, wet and pissed off and just glad to be home.

    Thanks to Neil, Frogeye, Julian, Ian, Steve & Juz for a top day out and in the words of our good friend Lee to those of you he did not make it you missed “the best days riding ever and you also missed Bigmark’s first attempt at bog swimming”

    Till the next time.


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